new drug R&D

  In the past 11 years, our company has been engaged in research on new drugs, and has obtained a number of new drug certificates and clinical approvals, involving chemical raw materials, solid preparations, injections, and external preparations.Now, we have a number of clinical approved new drug can be transferred, and we can cooperate with manufacturers to do the research and development of new drugs.We can do the research and application of chemical drugs, new Chinese medicine and biochemical drugs until we obtain the new drug certificate or registration approval. drug R&D: Provide consulting services on target setting for each period including product positioning strategy and medium-and long-term product line planning.( According to the production, sales advantages and development strategy of the enterprise )

2.project establishment: Research, analysis and project establishment of new products;

3.research and efficacy evaluation of crude drugs’ effective fractions and monomers

4.research of ancient formulae, proved recipes and extraordinary prescriptions

5.pilot experiment: development of new drug preparation

7.Technology improvement of the products with low stability and high ADRs.

8.Research of standard preparation and quality standards.